Aerobytes • FDM Services
When you want Aerobytes to host and run your FDM system
  • Hosted and operated by Aerobytes
  • Suitable for operators with any number of aircraft
  • However, 'in-house' might cost less for 5+ aircraft
  • Aerobytes offers 'in-house' and 'service' (with the option to move between)

What's included?
Our service makes it easier to be FDM compliant:

    Full System
For our 'hosted' services, we use exactly the same software that our clients use for in-house systems. Our solution is therefore a fully featured & mature product. For a small fee each month, we can even provide you with remote access to your system. With remote access you can do almost everything you can with an in-house system - much more powerful than a web-based solution.
    Expert Staff
The services are operated by members of our Support Team. Your FDM system is therefore managed & maintained by the world's most experienced Aerobytes users.
    Monthly Reports & Alerts
Each month you will receive a detailed report (sample available upon request). Additonally, we will alert you promptly if we detect a serious event (one likely to require maintenance action or a discussion with crew).
On request, we can prepare detailed assessments of incidents (often including a video). Note that if you have remote access then you can (of course) perform your own investigations at any time.
    Engine Health & APM Reports
If required (and assuming your aircraft record the required information) we can configure your system to produce periodic EHM/APM reports.
  Example pages from a monthly report  

Further Information
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