Aerobytes • In-House FDM
When you want to host and run your own FDM system
  • Hosted and operated by you (with our support)
  • Suitable for operators with any number of aircraft
  • However, a service might cost less for 1-5 aircraft
  • Use this option as your airline grows beyond the economic limits of a service
  • Aerobytes offers 'in-house' and 'service' (with the option to move between)

The details
Our 'in-house' solution is extremely popular and this is why:

    No Hidden Extras
Our price includes not only a permanent licence but also installation, training and support for the first year. Furthermore, all clients receive exactly the same fully-featured product with each software update. On top of this, any number of users can access the system (we do not charge a fee per user).
    No Minimum Term
Unlike some FDM suppliers, we don't use minimum, contracted terms to force you to stay with us. For almost 20 years, clients have stayed with Aerobytes because they wanted to and not because they had no other choice. So once you have paid for your licence, it is yours forever more. And if you decide not to renew your support cover then you can still carry on using the software.
    Everything else
In addition, we normally ship a system that is fully configured for the aircraft-types you operate. We can do this because we have significant, practical experience of most types of aircraft.
  A selection of the PFDs built-in to Aerobytes
(there are many others including those for helicopters)

Further Information
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