Introducing BOQA
'BOQA' is the marine version of 'FOQA'...
  • FOQA stands for 'Flight Operational Quality Assurance' - it prevents accidents to aircraft

  • BOQA stands for 'Bridge Operational Quality Assurance' - it prevents accidents to ships

  • Airlines have invested in FOQA for over 30 years because they know it delivers on promises

  • FOQA is mandated in many countries & recommended in almost all others

  • Aerobytes is the long-established world-leader in the field of FOQA

  • Aerobytes is the only company to successfully migrate a mature FOQA product to BOQA

  • The Benefits of BOQA
    A correctly implemented BOQA ("boh-kwah") programme will deliver the following advantages:

        A safer operation
    Undesirable practises & trends are no longer hidden; corrective actions are taken to prevent them escalating into full-blown accidents; a more safety-conscious culture evolves; levels of self-reporting improve as the process gains trust from crews
        A more efficient operation
    Previously hidden data can be number-crunched to identify areas where savings can be made; correlations across large numbers of voyages & between vessels provide statistically valid conclusions in respect of fuel-burn & routings
        A more profitable operation
    Insurers tend to favour operators who can demonstrate an effective & pro-active approach to safety-management (such as BOQA/FOQA); customers too often favour operators who can show they really do take safety seriously & operating-costs can often be trimmed by using lessons contained in the recorded data itself
      'Oasis of the Seas'
    - soon to be equipped with
    Aerobytes BOQA

    The Basics of BOQA
    Firstly, it is important to clarify one essential point...

      BOQA is NOT a glorified Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)!
    VDRs are designed for a single purpose - to record data & to keep it safe for post-accident analysis.

    In contrast, BOQA is a far more comprehensive process of which recorded data is just one component (albeit an important one).

        The BOQA Process
  • collect data
  • assess data for issues/risks
  • take corrective actions
  • monitor effect of those actions
    Of course, this process is little more than the classic 'Continuous Improvement' loop that is widely deployed in most sectors of industry. The underlying principles (and many practical details) remain the same whether you are manufacturing cars, monitoring the safety of aircraft or monitoring the safety of ships.

    But be warned - with the wrong solution in place, the apparently simple process outlined above will rapidly degenerate into a nightmare of incompatible software components, labour-intensive processes, disappointment & stress...

    With well over a decade of experience in FOQA, Aerobytes alone has the hard-earned experience & detailed understanding required to deliver an effective & productive BOQA solution.

    In support of that statement, Aerobytes enjoys a reputation for excellence in the aviation world that even 'household name' companies struggle to match (references available upon request).

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