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Aerobytes Ltd

Reg. England & Wales 4191887

Member of the Flight Safety Foundation

FDM/FOQA solutions

Easy to use
Highly automated
Drill Down
SMS software integration
Best support in Industry


Meet Aerobytes

Opportunities to see Aerobytes' FDM/FOQA software and compare it to the competition! 

13rh to 16th October - ISASI conference - Adelaide
11th to 16th November - International Flight Safety Seminar, Abu Dhabi

Aerobytes Ltd provides world-leading FDM / FOQA / MFOQA / MOQA / FDA software to fixed wing and helicopter operators.



Packages can be tailored to suit operations of any size.


  • Aerobytes FDM (your own, 'in house' system)

  • Service - we look after analysing the data, you remain responsible for implementing change

  • Recording Hardware (QARs) including documentation

Please click on a link (top left) for further information.

FDM - Flight Data Monitoring
FOQA - Flight Operations Quality Assurance
MFOQA - Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance
MOQA - Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance
FDA - Flight Data Analysis
QAR - Quick Access Recorder